2022  > BA  >  BRITNEY JURA


After delving into my cultural heritage more this year, this developed into my project, looking at the different cultural aspects of my life, from having first generation immigrant Albanian parents to being born and raised in London, how lives appear so different in these places, as well as morals and just general ways of living – in which i can learn so much from both.

My work takes form in acrylic and oil pastels on wood canvas. I like to experiment with the viscosity of the paints, using my hands, paintbrushes and palette knives, as well as building these up to create textures in the painting. These paints create landscapes and scenes that are inspired by Albanian landscapes with a whimsical and surrealist touch. These landscapes usually depict mountains and water, to represent the incredible mountain ranges in Albania as well as memories of swimming at the beach as a child.


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