2022  > BA  > ERIN FINDLAY


My work combines painting and line drawing, focusing on the use of bold colour and the depiction of expression within portraiture. It explores how, through the manipulation of colour, emotions portrayed in the imagery of an artwork can contradict the mood that it projects or the experience it creates. My current work moves away from the struggle of finding the perfect photo to paint. I am interested less about flattery and more about reality; a sense of the everyday, of relatability. Of the embarrassing, of the awkward. Of the unavoidable. Of existence.

My paintings are consumed by those around me; the people I live with, my friends, my family. While the faces I work with are important to me, this is not what is important in the work. The challenge remains in the confrontation, the discomfort of something familiar yet peculiar or awkward – the colours, the scale, the expressions.


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