Georgios Gyparis

My current body of work has evolved by thinking through the initial process of portrait  painting and expanding my ideas into fictions and stories deriving from mythology,  spirituality, metaphysics and history by being a storyteller. 

I use oils, acrylics and I have an expertise in graffiti. I am influenced by the old masters  such as Rembrandt, Velazquez and Vermeer, artists like Arnold Bocklin and the Symbolism of  the 19th century as well as contemporary artists such as Gerhard Richter, Michael  Borremans and Luc Tuymans.  

Whether human, animal, or a vague experience, the paintings, once combined and  juxtaposed, attempt to exhibit moments of a path towards spiritual illumination and  freedom.  

The shared experiences of these individuals in different lifetimes attempt to create a myth  that can be seen as if they take place simultaneously. 

These individual myths portray a greater story based on collective experiences as if those  characters are deeply connected with each other even if they lived in different lifetimes and  life forms. 

I believe it is the use of  fictionning, which produces alternatives in the figures of the event,  and the use of bright and neon colours, as a sci-fi element, that brings my work to the  contemporary.


Part of the School of Arts & Communication Design

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