2022 > MA  > HANBO HE


Most of my work is based on small, freestanding installations, and my main research revolves around the transformation of material forms and the contradictory properties of matter, as a way of exploring the connections behind the negative emotions that are hidden in the intimacy of the real world. I believe that negative emotions present a causal link, often triggered by fragmented memories or a very specific event, which is the cause, and that the material originates from reality, where their physical and tangible existence can be seen as a manifestation of an underlying consciousness, which is the result. By drawing on the original properties of matter, I argue that this tension can be embodied in the multiple contradictory materials used, or in the altered state of matter itself, which may not be able to co-exist in reality, for example a sharp blade cannot make contact with a balloon. The work made up of these materials will then itself appear dependent, adapted, engaged, constrained, tense. The intimacy that exists in the underlying consciousness is crystallised through the connection between materials.


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