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My works discover the relations between music and art when two elements—original music compositions and artworks—come together as a full artwork and express the life of the artist and how art has inspired the artist to create both the work from the harmonic expression and colours from paintings. My works have experimented with many scenarios from the original storyline written by myself, when I tried to tie music and art together, through a story and expression. Then I invented the genre of “drama fantasy”, with artworks accompanied with characters and five movements with orchestra and soloists. The idea of putting art and music together was through a structure, which the art form can be expressed through story development, while the others can experience a story being told in the art form, while before the concept of “gesamtkunstwerk ( full artwork) was coined by the opera composer, Richard Wagner, who used the idea in most of his operas where he used the expressions in his dramatic works to reinforce his ideas of stage art. My idea of music art was through my own expression, including my different genres of music, for example: chamber music works, piano solo works, dramatic works, orchestral works etc. My idea was to express the voice of each character in each instrument to express a story, where it presents the final form of art by presenting both visual and sound expression at one time.


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