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Recently, I have been researching the inherent misogyny within the medical community and how it affects the treatment of patients. In particular, I have been investigating the process of receiving tubal ligation, commonly referred to as getting one’s “tubes tied”. In most cases, a person is unable to have this procedure without first enduring misogynistic remarks in the attempt to dissuade their decision, and are often refused. Some recorded remarks from doctors from just last year include: “I’m not tying your tubes, I don’t think a woman should make that decision”, “A man may come along and want you to have his child, so I won’t do it” and “You’re not married” (Courtney Pochin, The Mirror). This perpetuates the archaic belief that people with uteruses must utilise them, and to not do so, is selfish. The triptych, Studies of Teated Figures, 2022, was created through the guise of the typical art student’s life drawings . These drawings depict three female forms, each adorned with sets of “teats”, in poses reminiscent of Baroque, Romantic and Renaissance paintings. The surreal aspect of these pieces parallels the treatment of animals as things to farm and commoditise, with the view of woman as baby-maker; their bodies are something to be controlled and exploited.


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