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My artwork teeters on the line between visible and invisible, by inhabiting existing forms of writing: from adverts and flyers, to magazines and receipts. I insert my own insecurities and anxieties into these ephemeral forms, juxtaposing the expected content. My work is a playful investigation of emotion that is sometimes comical and satirical, but also painfully honest and raw. I have been investigating spaces where emotion is hidden away; the “backstage” areas where the performance stops momentarily – for example, focusing in on the relatable experience of crying in toilet cubicles. My work exposes the usually hidden emotional labour, particularly of institutions, like universities or art galleries. In exposing these moments of vulnerability, I aim to oppose the problematic idea of the “girlboss” who is toxically positive and constantly productive. I am intrigued by Legacy Russell’s idea of the glitch – like technology, we have moments where we fail to perform, and this reveals the need to “push back against the weighty onus of function”.


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